Travelling Tent mixes participation, performance and oral history to see what comes out.

We begin by listening to what someone else has to say, and then find the best way for more people to hear them say it. The outcome could be a show, a photo series, a podcast – we won’t know until we finish, and it’ll be different every time.

Oral history

It doesn’t have to be a whole life story or a momentous event; we’re just as likely to ask about that embarrassing thing that happened last week.


We create ways to share what we’ve heard with an audience, whether it’s friends and family or total strangers, rehearsed or off-the-cuff.


As far as possible, what you hear at a Travelling Tent event will come straight from the horse’s mouth. And sometimes that horse is you.


Travelling Tent is Eleanor Harding, Miriam Sherwood and Annie Ward.

has extensive experience of directing projects, from international film festivals to TED-style conferences. She has a background in archival research, which she uses to investigate historical context for Travelling Tent projects.
is a producer and dramaturg who has worked with arts organisations in London and Berlin. She enjoys playing in the overlap between performance and real life, and leads the Travelling Tent participant workshops.
has a background in oral history and is interested in personal narratives that offer alternatives to mainstream histories. She is a researcher for TV documentaries and also creates Travelling Tent’s illustrations.