You can come inside – if you tell us your most embarrassing story.

Eardrum is a story-sharing den. We invite audiences and passers-by to come inside and tell a true story to a small group of strangers. In return, they get to hear others tell theirs. Sometimes we have cake too. Eardrum offers a fun escape from a world full of social pressures and expectations (which is why we love embarrassing stories the most).

Eardrum has been to Cloud 9 Festival, London Bridge Live Arts Festival, Disco Loco in the Park, Bacchus and Open Art Spaces.

What people say:

“A truly exciting intervention in a public space”
Julie Guldbrandsen, Pocket Arts

“Strangely lovely”
Participant feedback

“The performance was intimate, sensitive, and encouraged a genuine exchange of sharing and listening”
Lydia Fraser-Ward, Artistic Director, Fantasy High Street

“A new social space, which becomes more important than the actual stories being shared”
Participant feedback

“Eardrum delighted our audiences young and old with their charming and original storytelling piece”
Nina Lyndon, Artistic Director, New Future Collective

“Very funny and cathartic”
Participant feedback



More details:

Download our Eardrum info PDF here.
If you would like Eardrum to come to your festival or event, please email us